A  placement test is normally conducted to ensure that the child is indeed able to cope with the class for which admission is sought. Placement tests are organised at a mutually convenient time.

Our primary six pupils wishing to continue the last leg of their basic education programme are not required to take any examination. Progression to JSS1 is automatic, subject to their performance in their sessional examinations and interview as necessary.
Primary 5 pupils wishing to proceed to JSS1 must be 11 years old by March in the academic year of admission. The following factors are also taken into account:

• The definite need for prospective students to be sufficiently mature to cope with the demands of the JSS Curriculum
• Performance academically throughout Primary 4 and Primary 5 taking into consideration CATs scores and end of term examination results
• Ability in English, both spoken and written
• Parental wishes and choice
• Achievement in the school based Entrance Examination and interview

To sit the examination, an Application Form must be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian of the candidate. Forms are available from the school office for N10,000.00. Alternatively, the form may be down loaded from this website.
Completed forms should be returned to the Admissions officer in the school office on or before the date set for the examination.

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