Guidance Counsellor & Government Teacher

Mbang Omini EgbaiMbang

My name is Mr. Mbang Omini Egbai. I hail from Nko, in Yakurr Local Government Area of Cross River State. I studied at the University of Calabar, from 1996-2001. There I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (B.ED.) Guidance and Counselling, with Political Science (Government) as my teaching subject. I also have a Diploma in Ministerial Studies and Christian Education, as well as a Certificate in Advanced Leadership.

By the grace of God, this is my sixth year of working with Olumawu Basic Education School & Olumawu College, serving as both the School Guidance Counsellor and Government Teacher. My  priority as a teacher is not only to teach students to excel in all their academic endeavours, but to ensure that they have a good mastery of the subject, so that they can always present themselves as experts in the subject anywhere in the world. As a Guidance Counsellor, my goal is to help students to discover their potentials educationally, vocationally and personal-socially and fully maximize them, for their optimum self-realization, the good of their families, communities, Nigeria and the world at large.

I had served and I am still serving as a facilitator in various leadership development programmes within and outside the school system. Because of my inclination to leadership development, I had conducted seminars for both teachers and students at various fora since 2004.

My earnest prayer is that God will continue to grant me the grace and intellectual wherewithal to continue to contribute my quota towards the development of the great Olumawu Institution.