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Aleke Grace Chikodi

My name is Grace Aleke (Mrs). I have worked at Olumawu School for about eighteen years.

I am from Ukehe in Enugu state.

I obtained my WAEC and TC II in the year 1977/1979respectively.

I taught briefly in my town Ukehe and left with my husband to work in the Embassy of Nigeria in Lisbon Portugal and later, to the Nigeria High Commission in New Delhi India.

On return, I taught in Lagos, from where I went to the University of Nigeria Nsukka for my degree programme.

I obtained my BSc Hon. Degree in Home Economics in 1995. I returned to Lagos to head the Home Economics Department of the college where I taught. I was awarded a certificate of dedication in the school.

I was employed in Olumawu School in 1997. For the period I taught in Olumawu, I have exposed the children both in Primary and secondary schools to thorough academic and practical learning including creative arts.

Within this period of my stay, the school has held food exhibition both in the school and outside, including Sharaton Hotel and Towers, Abuja.

I am also committed in training the pupils/students physically during the morning assembly periods. I am highly dedicated to the moral and character molding of the pupils/students.

And for all these, I was given a letter of commendation by the first principal of the school Ms Susan Holmes and recently I was given a certificate as the most dedicated staff from the current principal, Mr. Eugene.

I believe that I will continue to improve both in my dedication, my training and my teaching, as there is also room for improvement in all departments of life.

So far, I thank God for all he has used me to do for Nigeria children both in this school and elsewhere.

I enjoy dancing and playing table tennis.

e-mail: gracealeke@basic.olumawu.org