Mission statement

Mission statement

Our mission is to build and support a dedicated team of professional educators who work together to provide a quality teaching and learning environment for Nigeria’s international and culturally diverse community.
We are committed to providing

• dedicated, qualified, experienced and inspired teachers
• the Nigerian and Cambridge curriculum and assessments
• a central location with adequate teaching facilities and equipment
Providing these invaluable building blocks at affordable prices, we believe OBES provides the ideal environment for your child’s education.
• To provide an enlivening, child friendly environment
• To offer a comprehensive curriculum to train boys and girls who always find front row seats academically and socially amongst their peers
• To develop children who are abreast of contemporary developments in arts, science and technology for their level
• To imbue pupils/students, who are socially well-adjusted, with the zeal to excel.


• A quest for a head start all round education.


‘Service to God and Humanity’