Nursery 2 Gold

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Mr. Ejima Ibrahim

My name is Ejima Ibrahim. I am from Kogi State. Am a holder of N. C .E  Biology/Chemistry,  B sc [Ed] Chemistry.  I have also ran professional courses such as Phonics, Afrisage Learning Professional course and workshops.  I have got ten (10) years teaching experience.

I believe in learning therefore I provide children the needed chances to learn, grow and become better and best within and outside the school environment. Children in my class are informed that they are in secure and friendly learning environment.  As a teacher with passion I get to know the children individually and to allow them to learn with interest and with regards to their individual personality. To achieve my goals all children are carried along in the learning processes.

I look forward to working with pupils and parents to continue in the progress that is part of the school history of excellence, there shall be room for all children to excel.