Olumawu Weekly Update – Pastoral Update

Pastoral Update


Sports day for this term came up Friday 16th June, 2017. All houses competed in March past, races, high jump, football, thug of war etc. The points acquired will be added to the overall points for choosing the winning house at the end of the term. We thank all parents for their presence and support. The results will be in the next update.


House trip will hold to reward the winning house. Details of house points will be in other updates.

Pupils must be in complete uniform always – only brown shoes, white socks for the school uniform and white canvas/ white socks for the P.E uniform. We urge Parents to please ensure their children adhere strictly to this dress code to avoid seizing and other punishments.

House meetings hold every Wednesday; please ensure your child comes in to school wearing the correct sport wear.

NOTE: pupils/students should be appropriately dressed and have their correct footwear on for all sport activities.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Oyedepo M.T.