Orunmole Elizabeth

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Orunmole Elizabeth

I am Orunmole, Elizabeth Ibukunoluwa  M.Sc(Ed) in view PGDE, B.Sc (Biochemistry).

I am a Science teacher in Olumawu School. I joined the school in September 2009 as the Biology/ Chemistry teacher. Over the years, I have worked with scholars across the board; from Pry 1 to SS3 teaching various science subject which include Agricultural Science, Primary Science, Biology and Chemistry.

Olumawu is a school where sound scientific mind is cultivated in scholars of all ages. I work with scholars to cultivate a curious and objective mind that is open to new ideas and developing better ways of doing things. Scholars learn to observe their environment, appreciate and preserve nature.

In my years of teaching, I have seen that scholars improve and achieve excellence when they are well motivated.

I love to write songs, sing, read and learn about nature.

I look forward to seeing you in Olumawu School: the birth place of giants.


e-mail: elizabethorunmole@basic.olumawu.org