Pastoral update Week 13

Posted on Jul 21, 2017


Olumawu School Tuck Shop re-opens for 1st term 2017/2018 Academic Session 4st September,2017. The Menu contains delicious and healthy meals to cater for our pupils/students.  Parents should indicate whether they wish to avail of this excellent opportunity to have their children/wards served lunch by making immediate payment or sending in a letter/ e-mail ( ) to cover their child/children until the deadline date, in order to avoid their child(ren) missing out any meals.

  • There shall be NO reducing balance.
  • Download menu or pick up a copy at the school account office and tick the appropriate food options your child wants to be served daily
  • Make your child’s lunch payment in full N40,000 forty thousand naira only. (Details at school account office)
  • Submit the already filled menu sheets back to school to ensure your child gets the correct food option selected daily.  
  • Lunch registration reopens by mid-term for half payment. (N20,000 Twenty thousand hundred naira only)
  • Ensure you make your child’s lunch payment as soon as possible so he/she does not miss out as there will be no reducing balance/ refunds for late payments.


Olumawu School ISA projects are almost completed, we shall put in finishing touches to our portfolio compilation during summer school, submit back to British Council and await our the award ceremony. We seek more support from our parents as some pupils/students might be required to come in to complete some part of the project compilation during this summer holiday. Good luck to us!

 Wishing us all a happy and restful holiday.

Oyedepo M.T.