SSS 1 Blue

Home Room Teacher

Alakpa Manasseh

My name is Alakpa and i am from Benue State and grew up from a town called Makurdi. I studied at Benue State University and obtained Bachelor of Science (education) technology in building technology. I have taught in several schools in different places in Nigeria; Makurdi, Port-harcourt and Abuja. I am currently waiting for masters of education certificate in industrial technical education from University of Nigeria Nsukka.

In my over ten years of teaching technical drawing and basic technology, I believe in personal learning and in providing students with opportunities to flourish both inside and outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged to explore the subject for themselves in all my classes knowing that they are in safe and competent hand with a good secured learning environment. I believe passionately in hard work and getting to know individual differences among students and strive to allow them to express themselves in the most creative and innovative ways possible.

I am always proud of my students and ever ready to build on the track record of successes. I begin each academic year with great hope, creating opportunities for all students to succeed.

My hobbies are football playing and farming. I also love reading, hearing and sharing the ward of God.