Week 18 Update

Olumawu School Update


Week 18


A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

William Shakespeare


General Election


This takes place on Saturday 14 February. Our Half Term will be February 12 and 13. We shall resume on Monday 16 February. This information is correct at the time of writing but could change at any time! 


Sports Day

We will hold our Sports Day on Wednesday 11 February. The day will commence with a full school assembly at 7.45 am and a range of sporting activities will take place throughout the day. Please feel free to bear witness to your child’s athletic prowess! Also please ensure your child comes to school wearing their PE kit and House shirt


Please ensure your child is adequately attired when they leave home. Whilst the majority of children are immaculately dressed there are some who need to pay more attention to their sense of dress. Full school uniform is expected at all time! No exceptions.




I realise I have been going on a lot recently about the fees but I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to each on everyone of you in regard to the payment of fees for Term 2. Thank you!



The school bus will the school at two times in the afternoon 3.15 and 4.15. It is the responsibility of your child to ensure the correct bus is boarded. There is no excuse for missing the bus as children are NEVER retained in class beyond 3 pm.

Fun Fair at Regent School

The following students were selected to represent the school at an annual Fun Fair event, organised by Regent Secondary School, on Saturday 31st January.



They presented a poem and a song and were very well received.



News from Pre School

The Pre-Nursery staff is working hard to make teaching and learning fun and activity based.

The daily quiz for the pupils is ongoing and parents are impressed. The pupils are also excited about seeing their faces on the “Student of the Month” award. This serves as a motivating factor for the pupils as it will stir a desire for excellence.

News from Pastoral

The whole school is bubbling over with enthusiasm over their Houses getting more house-points. This has set the students up to think more, be innovative and be the best in all they do.

We hereby urge parents to kindly comply with the correct House colours.  We also have loads of other activities in place to support teaching and learning effectively.


News from Primary

Turkish Mathematics Competition

The Turkish Mathematics Competition for Primary 5 and six was written last Saturday the 24th of January 2015.

ISA approval

The school’s action plan that was resubmitted to British Council for International Schools Award (ISA) has been approved. The project will commence from February- November   2015.

News from Secondary

The following were activities of WEEK 5


  1. THIS DAY IN HISTORY: A daily publication to keep everyone in the informed and also develop interest in History and international affairs; we hope to introduce History as a subject at the KS3 and KS4 next academic year 2015/2016.


  1.    THE DAILY QUIZ: Eight questions are published daily to help support the nascent pastoral in the school. The excitement is turbo -charged as more and more students compete to answer the questions in order to win House points for their various houses. We hope to this rolling throughout the academic year.


  1.   MEETING WITH THE SCIENCE TEACHERS: This was very revealing and encouraging. I discovered that more will need to be done in order to arouse students’ interest in Science. We have decided to revamp the JETS club (A STEM equivalent in Nigeria). Its membership we have proposed to now be free of charge.

Then, a weekly In-house Science Olympiad will be introduced to the students next week. This will run weekly. The best science team will be celebrated and rewarded at the all- school assembly. They shall also achieve some House points for their houses.

  1.    SCIENCE CORNER — This is a proposed periodic publication of scientific facts by the Science teachers and students. This shall find a place in laboratories and major notice boards in the school premises periodically.
  2.    SCIENCE EXHIBITION (FAIR) — This is a long term vision we hope to achieve towards the end of the term (Term 2) or ,at the latest, the beginning of Term 3. The Science teachers will continue to brainstorm on this until it becomes a reality.



Student of the Month


We awarded the following Students the coveted title of Student of the Month. This is the first time any pupil was awarded this title in Olumawu School. All the winners were nominated by the teachers due to their fantastic efforts throughout January. In recognition of these pupils’ efforts each was awarded a certificate at this morning’s assembly. Furthermore a photo of each winner will be on display in School Reception. Well done to everyone!


Weekly Themes


To further widen our students learning, we intend to introduce themes to spice up our assemblies and challenge the student to study/research more. We will start with Martin Luther King Junior as an icon study to motivate our students.


Swimming programme


The cost of the programme for the rest of Term 2 is only 6000N! This commenced last Monday and is proving to be immensely popular with the children. The temperatures are rising so we aim to expand the programme to accommodate more children. Please encourage your child to participate. For swimming times please see below.

Please sign the Consent Form sent home with your child today and return to school on Monday



Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
12 – 1pm Pre school Primary 4 – 6 JSS2 SS1
1-2 pm Primary 1 – 3 JSS1 JSS3 SS2



Summer Camp in London


The Culture Network (TCN) is pleased to offer your child a place on our two weeks summer camp in London, United Kingdom which has been developed for African and European students.

Our aim is to inspire the next generation of African leaders who are empowered with a strong sense of ambition, determination and confidence to succeed. Major highlights of our 2015 summer camp are:

  1. Quality English in Action course which focuses on Elocution and offers a recognised British certificate, a full report on completion and all learning materials, progress report and regular 1:1 feedback sessions
  2. Leadership/Talent Incubator (Life Coaching), Career guidance & Counselling, Personal Branding, and First Aid/Health and Safety sessions
  3. Full board residential accommodation with a variety of continental healthy food choices
  4. Weekend trip to Disneyland Paris, Sightseeing tour of London’s prestigious attractions, including Major Premier League Football Clubs and recreational parks.
  5. Round trip flights, Travel and Medical Insurance, 24 Hour welfare and support staff on site at all times to provide individual care and attention
  6. Need based scholarship to best performing student and sponsorship of two teachers to accompany students abroad.
  7. Pictures of special moments in camp and excursions

Kindly refer to the attached proposal for detailed information.



Important Term 2 Dates


February 14 General Election
February 16

March 27

Resume after Half Term

Last day of Term 2March 30 – April 3 Easter vacationApril 13First day Term 3


House Points Questions!

What is the capital city of New York state?


Who is the president of Ireland?


Name the present King of Thailand?


Which country is world’s largest producer of coffee?


What is the capital city of Tasmania?


The first 10 pupils to answer all 5 correctly will receive 50 House Points! 

Simply reply to this email! Good luck!